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An A Level in Economics will give you an in-depth understanding of core economic theory and how to apply it to the real business world. Economic issues influence our daily lives. This includes issues such as tax and inflation, interest rates and wealth, inequality and emerging markets, and energy and the environment. A broad subject, economics provides answers to a range of health, social and political issues that impact households and wider communities.

Economics will enable you to understand the reasons for economic agents having to make choices. Initially, you will consider how markets work, looking at how supply and demand interact to allocate resources, but then you will study market failure, identifying its causes and possible government intervention to remedy such failures.

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College 16-18

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Full-Time - 2 Years


A Levels

5 GCSEs at grade 5 or above, including a minimum of a grade 5 in English Language and 4 in Maths.

Economics is a fascinating subject to study because it is so applicable to everyday life. How long will it take the UK economy to recover from the COVID pandemic? Will the government ever be able to repay its mountain of debt?

There are very few subjects that you can study during the day and see the relevance of what you’ve learned on the news at night.

Unique features of the course include: Develops an enthusiasm for Economics, Understanding of the economic environment, Uses an enquiring, critical and thoughtful approach to the study of Economics, Develops the ability to think as an economist, Uses and develops analytical skillsUses and develops quantitative skills, Preparation for the responsibilities of adult and working life

Throughout the duration of this course you will be introduced to the aggregate demand and aggregate supply model and you will examine the use of macroeconomic policy as a means of improving macroeconomic performance. Economics also introduces you to business behaviour and labour markets. You will consider the size and growth of firms, their objectives and the different types of market structure. Demand and supply analysis will be applied to wage determination. Globalisation, international trade, the balance of payments and exchange rates will all be studied, before examining public finance, macroeconomic policies and the financial sector.

The course provides an excellent basis for further study and employment in the fields of Economics, Business and Accounting. Many students take degree courses in Economics. Graduate Economists are in high demand for their analytical skills and are well prepared for careers in the public and private sectors in the UK and abroad.

Economist, Accountant, Financial Risk Analyst, Investment Analyst, Statistician, Management Consultant, Journalism

You will take three exams after two years – this is 100% of the course. There is NO coursework.

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